2020-2021  unlocked the true potential of NFT and DEFI. With the continuous improvement of landing practice, the adoption rate of DEFI will be higher and higher,the total amount of DEFI locked in 2021 expecting to exceed 100 billion US dollars.

Similarly, NFT fever is spreading globally, especially in art, metaverse, games, and IP copyrights. Asia-Pacific investors' interest in cryptographic art is rising. Simultaneously, a new generation of creators proficient in digital technology is emerging and pushing this emerging category in new directions. The era of DEFI+NFT has arrived, and new markets are beginning to gain momentum.

In this context, the Asia NFT & DEFI Conference aiming to build a platform for NFT&DEFI innovation and business exchanges connecting the Asia-Pacific and global markets. The conference gathers the world's most authoritative leaders of NFT & DEFI, the most far-sighted international investors, the most potential emerging startups, and the most disruptive creators to jointly release the latest technology and strategic cooperation plans, explore the cooperation opportunities in the Asia-Pacific market, and discuss the latest trends and future of DEFI&NFT.
Asia NFT & DeFi Conference has dedicated ten international DEFI & NFT project investment and financing matchmaking sessions. Above one hundred international blockchain investment institutions, funds, and Tokenfund will be exclusively invited to enter the investment and financing studio. Your speech and product promotion plan will be displayed in the investment roadshow through live broadcast and playback. You can invite your interested investment institutions to conduct online 1:1 negotiations.

Thirty thousand DEFI & NFT Industry audience participate in online live broadcast:
Advertising: 200+ Asia and global mainstream media, 100+ WeChat & TG groups, 100,000 + industry emails, and 50,000 mobile phone text messages;
Promotional videos and materials will be kept online virtual  conference system for continuous promotion for about two weeks, and stay promotional video and materials on media channel  forever;
Output the opinions of speakers every day after the conference, continue to maintain the activity and product exposure in the market;
Focusing on China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Southeast Asia, covering the top Defi&NFT projects in the United States, Italy, Dubai, South America, and other countries' mainstream players, investment institutions, and global media. At Asia NFT & DeFi Conference, you only need to spend one publicity budget to obtain publicity opportunities for multiple mainstream international markets.
The Asia NFT&DeFi Conference will establishe the NFT Artist Alliance ,   bringing together 1000+ outstanding content creators from games, art, collections, etc., from around the world to discuss innovative ideas of NFT art creat and explore market cooperation opportunities.
Global Investment Roadshow: tap the most potential and most disruptive NFT and DeFi projects
Project stage: companies in the seed stage, angel stage, Pre-A round, A round stages and any financing type can participate in the investment roadshow.
Focus on the track: NFT&DeFi field
Roadshow Duration: 15 minutes of preaching, 10 minutes of Q&A, and exchange
Professional Investment Institutions: more than 100 investment institutions, funds, and Tokenfund around the world.

The best choice to explore the Asia market under the global epidemic Realistic 3D Designs: 3D Lobby 、Conference Room、Personalized Virtual Booth 、Investment Roadshow,make you feel like a physical Conference High efficient Networking and Chat:    Chat Bar、Group and Private Chat、Meeting Scheduler、 Breakout Rooms Social、Chat Moderation、Conversation Context,etc.
Virtual Lobby
3D Webinar Room
Personalized Virtual Booth
Exchange e-Business card
Networking and Chat
Networking and Chat
Keynote Speech、Panel Discussion、Investment Roadshow

Promotional Banners/Videos
Meet and greet new friends by topics in the Networking Lounge
Booth admins can show their products by video、banner and whitepaper, etc.  Booth admins and visitors interact with each other via group and private chat,and can use text, video, and audio formats to connect and network.
Booth admins can show their products by video、banner and whitepaper, etc.  Booth admins and visitors interact with each other via group and private chat,and can use text, video, and audio formats to connect and network.

Meeting Scheduler:Let event attendees book appointments with exhibitors using the meeting scheduler in the exhibit booths. Exhibitors can also request meetings with attendees.
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